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Work shown as a part of 0P3NR3P0.NET at High Concept Labs in Chicago, IL.

A glitch is a moment known to everyone but enjoyed by few. GLI.TC/H brings together those inspired/curious/provoked by glitches and provides a platform to break things, share thoughts, and develop ideas surrounding the potential of glitch.

Over the 4 days (Dec 6-9) of GLI.TC/H, thinkers and artists; makers and breakers converge to celebrate technological catastrophe. Now in its third year, GLI.TC/H gathers a variety of participants + works + ideas from within glitch/dirty/experimental-new-media art communities into a multi-day & multi-format happening. The days (at High Concept Labs) are reserved for creative problem creation, while the evenings (at TriTriangle && the Gallery FKA Happy Dog) will function as the resulting outputs of these intentionally-induced mishaps.