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4th Annual New Media Caucus - National Academy Museum(1)

My work, Orbs, was shown on the National Academy Museum website in conjunction with the NMC showcase.

4th Annual New Media Caucus.

The New Media Caucus Showcase presents an opportunity to sample the state of the art in new media from across the United States. Featuring fourteen artist presentations by members of the New Media Caucus (NMC) in rapid succession from 6:30 – 8 PM, the showcase celebrates the NMC’s first ten years as an organization and will be followed by a reception at the National Academy Museum & School. This event coincides with the first evening of the Annual CAA Conference, held in New York City this year.

Presenting artists are: Margaret Dolinsky, Jill Fantauzzacoffin , Belinda Haikes, Margot Herster, Dee Hibbert-Jones, Arthur Liou, James Morgan, Ed Osborn, Derick Ostrenko, Linda Post, G. Alan Rhodes, Elia Vargas, Valentina Vella, and Doo-Sung Yoo. This is a fantastic way to learn about the artwork of a large number of artists in the NMC and a chance to meet and socialize.

About the New Media Caucus. The New Media Caucus (NMC) is an international non-profit association formed to promote the development and understanding of new media art. Additionally, we are a College Art Association Affiliate Society. With over 900+ members, the NMC represents artists, designers, practitioners, historians, theoreticians, educators, students, scholars, and researchers, as well as like-minded organizations, with interests including, but not limited to, digital media, electronic media, mobile media, virtual media, and emergent media. Our purpose is to support and advance a diverse range of inquiry in order to catalyze further evolution of the field of newmedia art. Interested in free membership to the NMC? Visit

Join us at the National Academy School. At the National Academy School, student work is celebrated, ideas are exchanged, and students enjoy access to the unique resource of the Museum’s collection and archives. The School is an open, creative space where students learn and experiment under the mentorship of professional artists. Learn more here.