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Peepshow 2013: Hot Mess.

Peepshow 2013- Hot Mess

The volcano is an art project by J. Garrett Vorreuter and Rachel Stover. Among other installations, Adam Cummins and Vincenzo Mistretta have an audience-interactive disorientation effects piece employing multiple cameras and monitors. Midwestern artist Eric Souther explores the pleasures of cloud computing in a piece he describes as “reappropriating the most unique pornography” on the internet, however “the datamoshing of the appropriated footage will erase the sex of the active agents into a flowing technicolor experience of 0’s and 1’s.” Mark Sniadecki has an immersive electronic installation with an apocalyptic theme, called December 21. And Louisiana artist Derick Ostrenko’s interactive piece delves into such phenomena as autopoeisis and liminality to devise a solution to the hoary dance world problem, how to notate movement.